Can’t Find Clasko? He’s Right Here! (with pictures)

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You need to invite Clasko onto your airship in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2), but where in the world is he? Is this some kind of Where’s Waldo hunt?

Let’s get straight to the answer. He’s right here:

See above to orient yourself to where Clasko is on Mushroom Rock Road

Still not completely sure where that is? It’s close to the save sphere. See below for a close-up of the map:

The map shows Yuna standing where Clasko can be found

Clasko’s Location on Mushroom Rock Road

After your mission on Mushroom Rock Road, you need to invite Clasko to your airship. You can find him near the Save Sphere and the entrance of Mushroom Rock Road. Just travel down and a little to the right.

Who is Clasko?

Clasko is the pathetic, whiny Chocobo Knight in FFX who you can encourage to become a Chocobo breeder. He is encouraged by your words. By the end of FFX, Clasko tells Tidus that he is following his dreams.

When you encounter Clasko again in FFX-2, he’s just as pathetic as at the beginning of FFX, continuing to be walked on by Lucile and Elma even though they are in different professions and could have easily gone different ways.

In FFX-2, you encourage Clasko to follow his dreams again, but this time by taking action. You must hold his hand every step of the way to becoming a Chocobo Rancher. Inviting him on your airship at Mushroom Rock Road is just the first step.

Later, because Clasko is just that pathetic, you need to invite him on the airship a second time in Chapter 2. He just won’t stay still.

And in Chapter 3? He’ll run out of your airship without even talking to you and find the Monster Arena infested with powerful fiends. Clasko thinks it’s the perfect place to realize his dream as a Chocobo Rancher, but you have to not only clear the fiends but raise the Chocobos yourself.

Why is Clasko Back in FFX-2?

FFX-2 brings back the strangest, most unimportant side characters. However, I think Clasko makes a lot of sense. In FFX, we were able to give Clasko an arc by empowering him to realize that he is a gentle soul, not meant to be a knight, and ought to pursue the gentler life of Catching chocobos and raising Chocobos.

It seems in character for Clasko to not yet realize his dream and require us to hold his hand. Out of all of the side missions in FFX-2, missions with Clasko and with Chocobos is among my favorites.

Who is Worth More than Clasko?

If Clasko is this pathetic and such a sad waste of time, what is a better way to spend time. Well, I stream FFX-2 and other JRPGs on Twitch and would love for you to join me there.

I hope you enjoyed this quick article on the wonders of Clasko in FFX-2.


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