All Romance Candidates in Harvestella and How to Marry Them (with pictures)

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Harvestella is unlike any other game in terms of its marriage mechanics. The timing and the methods are different from a Story of Seasons or Stardew Valley.

Let’s talk about it.

Is Marriage in Harvestella?

Yes. Marriage is in Harvestella, only the word ‘marriage’ is not used in the game. In Harvestella, you request for someone to be your ‘life partner.’ You give a ring and you live together.

In other words, it is marriage but with a different name. The creators of Harvestella may have chosen different wording. The term ‘partner’ is an increasingly popular term to reference a significant other no matter the marital status or gender involved.

In any case, there is romancing and there is a commitment in this game. Going forward, I will just call it a marriage.

How do you romance characters in Harvestella?

Romancing characters in Harvestella are different from other games. Unlike other farm simulation games such as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, you do not give gifts.

To romance a character in Harvestella, you only need to complete side quests specific to the character that you want to romance. That’s it. No gift giving. No tracking candidates down as they are in their routines. Just quests.

Altogether with each candidate, you rank up to 10 and you get over 30 minutes of cut scenes developing with your character. The in-depth interactions and growth with the characters make the romancing feel more like a Persona game than a farm simulation — given, without the voice acting and the expressive illustrations for immersion.

How do you propose marriage in Harvestella?

You may be wondering why marriage has not yet come up as an option in your game, even after maxing intimacy for a character. As it turns out, you cannot get married in Harvestella until the game is completed.

Here is how to propose marriage in Harvestella:

  1. Before you are able to propose marriage, you must first max out the intimacy meter for your chosen candidate. You can do this for one or many characters.
  2. A scene will trigger in which the Mayor gives you a recipe for a promised ring, which is good only once.
  3. You craft the promised ring and give it to your chosen candidate. If their intimacy is maxed, they will accept.

What are the marriage candidates?

You can romance any or all of the candidates in Harvestella, no matter what gender you choose for your main character. There are few candidates, but the experience may be richer than a traditional Story of Seasons.

Male Marriage Candidates

See the following choices for the male marriage candidates. There are only three choices in the game.

Asyl – The Good Guy

Asyl can be described as an honest, good guy who had a hard upbringing in an orphanage. Clearly showing main-character traits — but obviously not the main character — Asyl has the makings of someone you want to root for. Asyl is a young boyish-looking character, with platinum blond hair and blue eyes. He is adorned in fantastical knight armor. Can this be the man of your dreams, or is he too good to be true?

Heine – The Flirt

Heine has silky golden hair and green eyes. He wears a colorful red wrap, a sash, detailed tights, and heels. Heine is a mechanic who is tactlessly flirtatious, so much so, that he irritates everyone around him. Heine appears to be compensating for something. Maybe he is worth getting to know?

Brakka – The Bad Boy

Brakka is a tight-lipped mercenary who keeps to himself and holds his convictions close to his chest. He is adorned in a black, leather-like robe strapped with buckles. He has dark hair and red eyes and a severe expression. He acts as if he is bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. Are you able to see a more tender side of him?

Female Marriage Candidates

See the following female choices in the game. There are four choices.

Cres – the Doctor

Cres is the first character you meet in the game. She has a dark bob and wears a stylish doctor-like white coat over a black shirt and skirt. Cres is the town doctor with a kind heart but also a strange need to give the protagonist copious physical exams. She holds the town on her shoulders and appears to feel overburdened. Perhaps you can help ease her burdens?

Aria – the Time Traveler

Aria has long ruby hair and ruby eyes. Her clothes are more casual and more modern, with booty shorts, leggings, and a cropped white jacket. Aria is from the future, which sounds a lot like our present. She keeps a diary and is in constant contemplation. A highly-intelligent scientist, Aria doesn’t appear to want to waste her breath talking to you or anyone. Can you get her to open up?

Istina – the Shadow

Istina has long, silver hair, red eyes, and a glazed expression. Her dark, voluptuous dress appears villainous and indicative of her shadowy fighting class. Despite her appearance, Istina is known for working at the orphanage and being beloved by the town for being charitable with her time by reading to the children. The townsfolk, however, don’t know about the dark past that burdens her. Perhaps you can get her to open up to you?

Emo – the Siren

Emo has pointed ears, long strawberry-blonde hair, and purple eyes. Her blue dress has the frills and waves of a dancer. Emo is a Siren who can hypnotize anyone with her voice. But while she has a beautiful voice and appearance, she has darkness behind her eyes. What could that sadness mean?

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