How to Catch Chocobos in FFX-2 (Complete Guide)

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You need to catch Chocobos in Final Fanasy X-2 (FFX-2) if you hope to get 100% in the game or simply to realize Clasko’s dreams as a Chocobo rancher.

I tutorial catching Chocobos

In this guide, I’m going over everything you need to know about how to catch a Chocobo.

Here’s the short answer:

To catch a Chocobo, get 99 Gysahl Greens from Clasko in the Chocobo Ranch by choosing Junk Food Greens. Then, encounter a Chocobo in a random battle without attacking it and feed the Chocobo Gysahl Greens immediately and continuously to keep it from running away. Feed the greens one more time after other enemies are defeated.

Now let’s break this answer down in more detail so that you are ensured success.

Best Settings for Catching Chocobos

To catch a Chocobo, the following settings make it easier:

  • Get First Strike and Flee abilities from the Thief and have your Thief in the party
  • Manually sort your items so Gysahl Greens are at the top

Did you know: Gysahl Greens can also be good for Alchemist mixes.

Where to Find the Chocobo Ranch

The Chocobo Ranch is located on the far right of the Calm Lands. It lives in the old location of the Monster Arena. True to FFX-2, assets are reused for the location. The outside of the Monster Arena looks exactly the same even though it is now the Chocobo Ranch.

The inside of the Monster Arena, however, is new and there is even a hidden dungeon underneath. In each of the little compartments, you can store a Chocobo up to 14 Chocobos. 4 Chocobos are your runners while up to 10 Chocobos are reserve.

The Chocobos kept on the upper floor are known as your ‘runners’. You can dispatch those Chocobos to locations to gather items for you.

To unlock the Chocobo Ranch, see ‘How to Unlock Catching Chocobos’ below.

How to Get Gysahl Greens

Gysahl Greens are plentiful and essential to catching Chocobos. While there are other types of greens, you do not need to be bothered with any of them for Chocobo catching except for the Gysahl Greens.

To get Gysahl Greens…

  1. Do all the prerequisites to unlocking the Chocobo Ranch and Chocobo hunting.
  2. Talk to Clasko inside the Chocobo Ranch. When Clasko is patrolling, you can find him by talking to a miniature Chocobo standing in his place.
  3. Select Junk Food Greens
  4. Clasko will replenish your Gysahl Greens to a count of 99.

Where to Find Chocobos

Chocobos seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. When you are not looking for them, they’re everywhere. But when you are looking, it seems to take many enemy encounters. It’s the luck of the draw.

You can find Chocobos everywhere but not in the following locations:

  • Mi’ihen Highroad
  • Mushroom Rock Road
  • Macalania Woods
  • Bevelle
  • Gagazet
  • Zanarkand Ruins

The following locations are the preferred locations to find Chocobos:

  • Kilika Woods
  • Bikanel Desert
  • Thunder Plains

Note: Finding and catching Chocobos is extremely tedious. If you’re thinking “is it just me?”, it is not just you. It takes forever.

How to Unlock Catching Chocobos

If you have not unlocked the Chocobo Ranch to do Chocobo hunting, here’s what you have to do.

Step 1: Get Clasko on the Airship (twice)

You not only need to invite Clasko on your Airship once but twice. The following sections describe how.

Get Clasko on the Airship in Chapter 1

Your journey to catching Chocobos starts all the way in the beginning, in Chapter 1. After completing your mission at Mushroom Rock Road, hang back and talk to Clasko at the entrance. You can offer for him to join you on the Airship.

While Clasko is on the airship, be sure to talk to him.

Get Clasko on the Airship in Chapter 2

To get Clasko on the airship in Chapter 2, you need to complete the Chocobo Eater mission with Calli on the Mi’hen Highroad. After the mission is over, you can invite both Calli and Clasko onto your airship.

Step 2: Follow Clasko to the Chocobo Ranch

In Chapter 3, Clasko will seemingly fall out of your airship onto the Calm Lands. When you enter the Calm Lands, he’ll be running. Follow him to the old Monster Arena, which becomes the Chocobo Ranch.

At the Chocobo Ranch, you have to clear the Chocobo Ranch with battle and a minigame. In this battle, the hardest enemy you will encounter is Queen Coeurl.

After this, you are tasked with catching a Chocobo.

Strategy to Defeat Queen Coeurl

To defeat Queen Coeurl, I recommend going to the shop in Guadosalam and buying 3 accessories that will protect you from death and keep a big stock of Phoenix Downs. In battle, focus on healing. While it is taking a slow approach, I had two healers and only one damage dealer.

Chocobo Personalities You Can Catch

Chocobos have three personalities that give advantages when dispatched to certain locations depending on the personality.

Different locations also have different personality ratios.

Timid Chocobos

The following locations have the most (80%) timid Chocobos:

  • Besaid Island,
  • Moonflow
  • Macalania Woods

Timid Chocobos are the most suited to be dispatched to the following locations:

  • Kilika Island
  • Thunder Plains
  • Bikanel Desert

Normal Chocobos

The following locations have the most (80%) normal Chocobos:

  • Djose Highroad
  • Calm Lands

Normal Chocobos are the most suited to be dispatched to the following locations:

  • Besaid Island
  • Moonflow
  • Macalania Woods

Bold Chocobos

The following locations have the most (80%) bold Chocobos:

  • Kilika Woods
  • Thunder Plains
  • Bikanel Desert

Bold Chocobos are the most suited to be dispatched to the following locations:

  • Djose Highroad
  • Calm Lands

Source: Chocobo Raising | Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki

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