How Long Is Persona 5 – How Long Does It Take to Finish It?

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How much time does it take to complete the Persona 5 game? Short answer: a long time.

Persona 5 is a top AAA Games JRPG that’s well known for long hours of playtime that can vary depending on your experience, side quests, and other factors that impact how long it takes to complete the game.

Persona fans successfully finish the game in roughly one hundred hours, which can take up to 130 hours for Persona 5 Royal.

The total time spent is based on the average number of hours. Persona fans play, which can either be drastically reduced or extended based on the options you choose throughout the game.

The following factors impact whether you’ll fly through the main story while skipping cutscenes and side quests or extend your play time with a long strategy game and multiple features.

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Persona 5 Royal

Side Quests and Cut Scenes

If you’re determined to conquer every sidequest, whether you play the original Persona 5 or one of the direct sequels, you’ll add a significant number of hours to your play time.

On average, you can expect to play up to 130 hours, which also includes watching every cutscene and reviewing helpful links to maximize your achievements throughout the game.

If you’re a die-hard fan of Persona 5 and aim to complete every aspect of the game throughout the series, it will take more time to beat certain levels and quests.

The number of times it takes to beat each level can also impact the length of the game, which can quickly rise to 170 hours in total.

You’ll find many extra tasks and gameplay elements throughout Persona 5 Royal, which can significantly extend your play time.

These include exploring all areas of Mementos, making alterations, maxing all of the Joker’s social stats and all twenty-three of the confidants, defeating the Reaper, and visiting all the optional locations in Tokyo.

You may also plan on completing the in-game requirements so that you can unlock bonus content in the Royal version of the game. These additional sections can quickly add up to 150 and 200 hours.

Completing the Thieve’s Den in the In-Game Achievement Hub

If you choose the complete the Thieve’s Den section of the game, which is the in-game achievement hub, you can expect to spend closer to 200 hours in total playing Persona 5.

Gamers determined to explore all areas of the original game can expect to spend nearly double the hours required to fulfill all the main story and characters.

Persona 5’s PSN Trophy List as a Guide

Completing the Persona 5 game is not the only goal for many gamers who aim to earn the Platinum trophy, which requires completing a number of tasks, new content, and extra content to succeed and beat the game.

The PSN Trophy list is a guide that provides everything you need to achieve this goal so that you can follow all the quests required.

Reducing Your Gameplay With Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers

The gameplay crossover combines elements of Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors and role-playing quests from Persona for a real-time action game that’s combat-heavy with turn-based battles in this Persona game.

It’s an excellent option for players who want to experience all principal areas of the game without the long hours it takes to beat every extra quest or optional task. In total, the average number of hours is 35 for Persona 5 Strikers.

It’s the ideal option for gamers with a limited schedule, though you might be disappointed if you finish the game too quickly and miss out on the extra content!

Tips and Shortcuts From Gamers

Whether you’re looking to explore all related topics, quests, and earn a Platinum trophy, or experience the main story and elements of Persona 5 before moving on to Phantom Thieves or other games by Koei Tecmo.

You’ll find many great tips and resources on forums and online discussions related to the Persona 5 series.

You can also share related topics, offer advice for beginners starting a new game, tips on completing quests, and discuss timeframes for completing specific tasks for Persona 5 Royal on your Nintendo Switch, PS4 console, or online gaming platforms like Steam.


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