Open Air vs Argent: How to Choose in FFX-2

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For the perfect ending, you have to do publicity for either Open Air or Argent and get 400 points. Don’t make the same mistake I did by getting to chapter 5 without doing any publicity. (But in my defense, the 100% guide didn’t warn me!)

Do your publicity starting in Chapter 1 and follow a guide.

That said, there are actual differences between Open Air and Argent. You may want to choose one over the other.

But the short answer is this: there isn’t a difference as far as the 100% path is concerned.

This article details the differences between the two. While the differences may be minor, they are differences and can inform your decision.

Special Garment Grids

The only significant difference between Open Air and Argent is the items you can buy with your points. When you become a level 5 publicist and get over 400 points, you can buy a Garment Grid.

Impact on 100%

Even though both Open Air and Argent offer dresspheres, you do not need either dressphere to get 100%. All you need is to choose one and get 400 points.

Open Air: Disaster in Bloom Garment Grid

To get the Disaster in Bloom garment grid, you need to get over 400 points for Open Air. You then must buy the ‘????’ reward for 200,000 credits or 2,000,000 gil.

Instead of getting the credits through mini-games, I recommend earning the gil, which is easier. See my guide on earning fast money.

The Disaster in Bloom garment grid has the 4-point-star shape with four dressphere slots. There is no equip ability and traversing gets you sleeptouch, poisontouch, darktouch, or silencetouch. But best of all, traversing anywhere gets you stonetouch.

Argent: Flash of Steel Garment Grid

To get the Flash of Steel garment grid, you need to get over 400 points for Argent. You then must buy the ‘????’ reward for 200,000 credits or 2,000,000 gil.

Instead of getting the credits through mini-games, I recommend earning the gil, which is easier. See my guide on earning fast money.

On equip, you get +20 strength and +20 magic. As you traverse, you pick up additional +20 points on stats for strength and magic.

Which Grid is Better?

While it’s likely a matter of personal taste, I would hands-down choose Flash of Steel. I have several reasons:

  • I don’t always traverse the grid. I prefer Garment Grids with abilities on equip.
  • For Yuna, my main magic wielder, I have her use the Seething Cauldron garment grid. This grid is simply that grid, but stronger.
  • Stats compound with each traversal.
  • This grid has an impact no matter how powerful the enemy is. Strong enemies tend to be immune from many status ailments.

Get both

There are strategies to unlock both Argent and Open Air in one playthrough. However, I don’t recommend it. You can also pick up both by using New Game Plus.

See an answer from this GameFAQs top-voted answer:

1. In Chapter 1 choose an agency and collect all possible points.

2. Do the same for Chapters 2 and 3 for the same agency.

3. After collecting all Chapter 3 points and before completing Chapter 3, play Calm Lands games (playing Lupine Dash and betting the long shot to win will work) to bring the PR point total for your “first” agency to precisely 1030.

4. Next, and also before completing the Chapter, switch agencies (now your point total for the first agency is 515) and collect all possible Chapter 3 points for the second agency (some previous sources are now not available but that has been accounted for in the strategy).

5. Collect all possible PR points for your “second” agency during Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 play before going to the Calm Lands in Chapter 5.

Enter the Calm Lands to find a tie exists at 515 points for each agency.


After you earn the Garment Grid, you also have the ability to unlock an additional accessory for 100,000 credits or a million gil.

Open Air: Bushido Tome

This accessory adds 10% HP and 5% agility.

It also cuts all Samurai ability times by 40%.

Argent: White Tome

This accessory adds 10% and 5% agility also.

It also cuts all White Mage ability times by 40% and adds the Osmose ability.

Which Accessory is Better?

While it is my personal preference, I choose White Mage because I actually use White Mage. I typically prefer the Dark Knight and the Berserker as my main damage dealers.

Generally speaking, most players use the white mage and enjoy how quickly it levels and can be leveraged by the whole party. I can honestly see myself using neither accessory since the Alchemist becomes my primary healer late game.

Other Items

Argent and Open Air also offer other items, although the garment grid and accessory are the rarest and most expensive.

Bonus Mini Games

After unlocking level 5, Open Air and Argent have different final mini-games.

Argent: Feed the Monkey

FFX-2 can’t get enough of monkeys. In this game, you’re feeding a monkey while the monkey balances on a bird. In the game, you are trying to balance the right amount to feed the monkey.

Open Air: Gull Force

In a line of flying monsters, you have to shoot the real monsters in the group. The decoy monsters will behave differently than the real ones.

Which Mini Games is Better?

I admit I’ve not actually played these mini-games but only read a description of them. Actually, I would rather avoid playing the mini-games at all costs. That’s why I would rather pay the gil than play the games!

But if I were forced to choose a better one, arbitrarily I’m sick of monkeys in FFX-2. For some reason, I chose Rikku to use the trainer dressphere who has a monkey on her shoulder.

So no more monkeys, thank you.

However, Gull Force does have a cooler name and does sound more fun, if I’m forced to choose.

Overall Winner

Of what I have seen between Open Air and Argent, Argent seems like the better overall choice. Again, this has to do with personal preference. However, I’m a practical gamer and likely made practical choices that might suit your own play style.

I hope this was helpful. If you’re interested in talking more FFX-2 or talking in general, I’d love to see you pop into one of my streams. I’ll see you in the next one.


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