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Lulu and Paine are similar: both are goth-like characters, wearing black and a lot of buckles. Both of them speak with a monotone. And both represent the ‘mature’ one of the group.

But Lulu, an already established character, was not chosen to take the role of the third girl in the trio.

However, you may be surprised: the creators of FFX-2 entertained Lulu as the third character. Entertaining Lulu for this role may have been for a second or for months, but fans have always wondered why we had so much of a Lulu clone.

How Paine and Lulu are similar

Paine and Lulu show striking similarities.

Similar Backstory

Lulu and Paine have similar backstories, having a serious role to play in the fight against Sin and suffering through trauma that has caused them to be withdrawn and secretive.

Lulu’s Losses

Lulu had gone through multiple losses. First, she had lost both her parents to Sin. Second, she was the sole guardian of Lady Ginnem, who died on the pilgrimage. Finally, Lulu lost her lover, Chappu.

Lulu took up being a guardian again to Yuna. Her choice to be Yuna’s guardian was her way of protecting herself from loss by gaining control.

Paine’s Losses

Paine has also experienced losses. As the recorder for the Crimson Squad, she witnessed the entire squad get annihilated except for her, Gippal, Baralai, and Nooj.

The events of this mysterious massacre are a major plot element of FFX-2 and the reason Paine is silently looking for answers.

Similar Appearance

Lulu and Paine both wear black, wear buckles, and have a metallic goth look.

Similar Personality

Paine and Lulu both speak in a monotone and are heavily guarded.

How Paine and Lulu are Dissimilar

Paine and Lulu also share differences that may explain why Paine was introduced in FFX-2.

Paine shares similarities to Auron

Paine does not just share similarities with Lulu. Paine also has some of Auron’s characteristics.

Warrior Abilities

Paine’s original dressphere starts as the ‘warrior’ class, which is a standard damage dealer with debuff abilities. Paine’s original class gets classes like Armor Break, the very same moves as Auron.

Paine Pulls String

Paine is quietly pulling the strings for the main storyline. Paine is tight-lipped, but she somehow seems to be stumbling on all of the Crimson Spheres with the main party and unraveling her story. Paine has something personal she is trying to achieve by being a sphere hunter and doesn’t share much love for the other girls.

Lulu, in contrast, chooses to be a guardian because of her role to Yuna as an older sister. She is in the party out of love and a desire to protect Yuna.

Paine, however, seems to be looking out for herself, much more like Auron.

More Masculine Energy

In style and in voice, Paine has more masculine energy than Lulu. Lulu wears a dress, and lacy tights, and shows cleavage. But Paine’s main outfit is in pants. Her form is less curvy — less of an hourglass and more of a triangle in body shape.

Paine’s style rounds out the party, since both Yuna and Rikku can get giggly and silly.

Why Lulu is a Minor Character in FFX-2

In 2004, an interview with Director Motomu Toriyama revealed the reason why Lulu did not become the third member of the party.

Here’s what he had to say:

The reason Lulu was relegated to a supporting role in FFX-2 was that if she had been in the party, Yuna would have relied on her like an older sister and this would have got in the way of her quest to find a new self, which, as mentioned previously, is what drives the story of the sequel. Also, as far as Lulu is concerned, two years have passed since the events of FFX and she is currently enjoying married life back in Besaid with Wakka, so has no reason to go off adventuring like in the olden days. For fans of Lulu and Wakka, they can be visited in Besaid at any point in the game, so please enjoy their company as often as you like!

Motomu Toriyama, Director. Source:

Yoshinori Kitase, FFX-2’s producer, expressed a similar sentiment:

[Yoshinori] Kitase also shares that he wanted to tell a story with Yuna as a strong female character as many games at the time – including Final Fantasy – had male protagonists, and he thought it would strike a chord with players.

PCGames N

In order for Yuna to be a strong female protagonist, she could not have a motherly role filling one of the slots of the party. Thus, Paine was born.


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