How to Bribe in FFX-2 (It’s not what you think)

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‘Bribing’ is not what you think in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2). In FFX, Rikku’s grid has a bribe ability, which trades money for items.

But in FFX-2, there are two ways to bribe with the Lady Luck dressphere:

  • Use the Bribe ability by Lady Luck
  • Use the Congrats! ability with the Random Reel by Lady Luck

Here’s the thing — you’ll only ever want to use Congrats! Bribing is old news and yet every game guide will tell you that it’s a bribe.

The ability Bribe works how you expect from FFX: you give money in exchange for rare items. But with Congrats! (getting 777 on Random Reel), the fiend gives you both the money and the rare items. How does that make sense?!

How to Get Lady Luck

You get Lady Luck by winning the Sphere Break tournament in Chapter 3. For an easy strategy to win Sphere Break, see my Sphere Break cheat guide.

About Bribe

Bribe is when you give huge amounts of gil to fields, ‘bribing’ them to flee and give you rare items. Bribe works in FFX-2 similar to how it did in FFX.

Bribes are a powerful tool. As you encounter rare items and Google them, you will likely need to bribe a powerful fiend.

How to Get the Bribe Ability

To get Bribe, you only need to select ‘Bribe’ in the Abilities menu and earn 40 AP. There is no prerequisites to learning Bribe.

To grind AP, see my guide on grinding AP.

The Bribe ability appears under Gambler Skills when it is unlocked.

How to Use the Bribe Ability

When you select to use Bribe, you then choose how much money to give to the enemy. Your bribe can fail if you choose too little gil or if you do not have enough gil for a successful Bribe.

To calculate a successful bribe, take the max HP of the fiend and times it by 6.25.

To learn the max HP of a monster, you can use the Scan ability by Gun Mage and have a calculator handy.

To Bribe successfully, you need a lot of gil. You can learn how to make easy gil in my guide, but ironically, the guide uses Congrats!.

About Congrats!

Congrats! is the preferred method to Bribe. Because of the existence of Congrats!, it’s like a Bribe is not really a bribe.

Whenever you read that you can get a rare item through a bribe, translate that in your head to using Congrats!

How to Get Congrats!

To get congrats, you need to progressively unlock each of the reels and then unlock the Random Reel.

You need 270 ability points to unlock the Random Reel.

For more information on how to unlock Congrats!, see How to Unlock Congrats! in my Lady Luck guide.

How to use the Congrats! Ability

To use the Congrats! ability, get 777 on the Random Reel. To get 777, simply pause your game. If your center line is on the 7, hold the action item when you unpause.

For more details on this strategy, see How to Get 777 on Any Reel.

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