What Crests and Sigils Actually Do and Why You Should Care

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Crests and Sigils.

They do nothing. They sit in your inventory. They don’t make good fidget spinners or… anything really. They never go away.

But you came to this article probably thinking there is something to these little trinkets. And there is. These crests and sigils have a dormant potential to unlock each of your party member’s ultimate power.

But there is little chance you can know about the crazy ritual to unlocking their power without looking it up.

In this article, let’s talk about the purpose of crests and sigils and how you can use them in Final Fantasy X.

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What Crests and Sigils Are For

You can use crests and sigils to power up celestial weapons at Macalania Woods. You can only start powering celestial weapons after getting the celestial mirror, which is a whole ordeal (detailed below in the section “How to Get the Celestial Mirror”).

Each party member in FFX has one unique celestial weapon, one sigil, and one crest — all painfully hidden throughout Spira — which combine to create the most powerful weapon in the game for that character.

Note that ‘most powerful weapon’ isn’t an absolute. With thought and extremely rare items, you can theoretically craft stronger weapons than the celestial weapons.

What Celestial Weapons Are For

So what’s the point of getting celestial weapons? Are they worth it?

Celestial weapons are worth it:

If you want to make your party super badass fighters who take down some of the most insane monsters in the game, including at the monster arena and beyond, celestial weapons are absolutely worth it.

Having celestial weapons also crowns you as among the more ‘hardcore’ of the FFX gamers.

Celestial weapons are not worth it:

If you are a FFX player who is there for the storyline, celestial weapons are not worth it. You do not need celestial weapons to beat the game. They are completely optional.

But if you play FFX all the way though, as I have, and decided you never want to leave Spira or your party, then celestial weapons provide a time-consuming and rewarding challenge.

Celestial Weapons As a Requirement for Defeating Sin

You heard it here: You do not need celestial weapons to defeat Sin.

However, the moments before defeating Sin is the time to acquire and power celestial weapons.

FFX does not have a new game plus and your save data will always be before facing the final battle. If you are not feeling rushed to see The End (and cry buckets of tears), you might as well take the time in the blissful before by acquiring celestial weapons.

Of course, these weapons do make defeating Sin easier.

How to Get the Celestial Mirror

To get the Celestial Mirror, you first need to get the Cloudy Mirror.

To get the Cloudy Mirror:

  1. Go to Remiem Temple by Chocobo. You can find Remiem Temple in the South-East corner of the Calm Lands.
  2. On the left side of the temple’s outskirts, find a sphere on the ground that says, “You have been accepted as a true rider.”
  3. Find the Chocobo on the right side of the temple and choose to Ride it. This activates a mini game.
  4. Win the mini game by racing to the center of the temple. This should be easy if you ignore treasure chests and dead ends.
  5. As a reward for winning the mini game, you get the Cloudy Mirror.

To transform the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror:

  1. Go to Macalania Woods entrance and talk to the woman at the entrance who is looking for her husband.
  2. Travel right two screens and up one screen. Talk to the man and select “They were waiting over there.”
  3. Go back to the Macalania Woods entrance and talk to the woman repeatedly until she is concerned for her son who “went off in the woods.”
  4. Go take the glitter path to the left and go up at the crossroads where you will find the woman’s son.
  5. Talk to the son and select “Yes” to use the Cloudy Mirror. This transforms the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror.

How to Use Crests and Sigils

Once you have the Celestial Mirror, you can return to that same spot on the glittery path in Macalania Woods to power your celestial weapons. When you have a crest or sigil that corresponds to a celestial weapon, go to the altar in Macalania Woods and follow the prompts to power your weapon.

The Easiest Celestial Weapons to Fully Power

Celestial Weapons are not easy to get or to power, but some celestial weapons are far easier than others.

To get sigils, crests, and weapons, you are sent all over Spira, annihilating every mini game this game has to offer, including chocobo races (for Tidus), the monster arena (for Yuna), lightning dodging (for Lulu), and — yes — lots and lots of Blitzball (for Wakka).

The easiest celestial weapons to get and power are Tidus and Yuna’s, but neither is a picnic:

  • Yuna’s celestial weapon, sigil, and crest requires getting all three optional (or secret) Aeons, which is a pilgrimage of its own. You will also spend some time capturing monsters in the Calm Lands for the monster arena.
  • Tidus’ celestial weapon, sigil, and crest involves getting the best scores in all Chocobo games in the Calm Lands and fighting Dark Bahamut (which means you want the optional Aeon, Yojimbo).

Use these two examples as a litmus test to gauge the effort you are willing to spend on your celestial weapon journey.

More About Celestial Weapons

To learn more about all of the crests, sigils, and weapons as well as how to get them, you can find everything at the Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki article on Celestial Weapon.

Best of luck on your FFX journey.


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